Buy Perazzi Shotguns Online

Buy Perazzi Shotguns online. Perazzi has developed a world wide reputation not only for the quality of their firearms but also for the technical service offered as part of the Perazzi experience. Among the services available to Perazzi Shotguns customers is a shooting range where guns can be tested after customization. the range features Olympic and doubles trap, international skeet and an electrocibles ring. In addition to the technical service department located at the factory, Perazzi Shotguns operates a fully equipped service vehicle, capable of almost any kind of service from stock customization to complete mechanical overhaul of your gun.

Stocks and Forends of the Perazzi Shotguns are made of the best quality walnut, obtained trees centuries old like the one shown on the right, they then undergo a drying process that can take months. The whole drying process is carried out in a room where temperature, and humidity are computer controlled.

The entire process of fitting the various components of the perazzi shotguns is carried out by hand performed by highly skilled gunsmiths. The process begins by serial numbering the guns and ends with the final quality control check ensuring the gun complies with the customers specifications. All the components of the perazzi shotguns are made according to strict and precise dimensions and standards. All parts are made “in-house” using the most modern and updated CNC machines, specifically set up to our exacting standards.

Perazzi shotguns offers10 models within which several different models and engraving patterns are available. Pricing ranges from middle 6 figures down to what an ordinary competition gun costs. One thing is for certain weather you spend  a half a million on your new Perazzi or or you spend less than $10,000 you cannot buy a finer gun at any price. Buy Perazzi Shotguns online from our shop.

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